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Dear Coy,

I am a first time user of your taxidermy services and I just picked up my trophy white tail deer mount from your shop Saturday. As this is my first trophy class buck, I was concerned that my expectations for realism and quality were naive and more than likely not attainable even after the review of the fine examples of your work displayed at your shop. I was very anxious as I made my way to your shop on Saturday to pick up this very important example of why I hunt and enjoy it so much. To say that I am pleased is an understatement, the quality of your work more than met my expectations not to mention the service. You delivered the mount ahead of schedule for a fair price and in a considerably shorter duration than any of your competing taxidermy shops in Fort Worth.

I am taking the time to write this letter of thanks because I do not believe that your understanding of how important service and quality are to outdoorsman is universally understood by others that make a living supporting our way of life. The mount looks stunning in our home and will always be a permenant fixture reminding me of the great outdoor experiences I have had and your exceptional ability to transform skin and bones to a remarkable piece of art.


Chuck Greco - December 20th, 1999



I appreciate the work you put in on my white tail shoulder mount. It seemed like it took an awful long time... but now I can see why. It took four years of hard hunting to get this buck in Wise County -- thanks for taking your time and doing the job right. He made a beautiful mount and will be a great addition to my eventual trophy room. I won't hesitate to use your services again.

Best Regards,

Jim Kolkhost - May 5th, 1992


Kenny Rogers and His Son With Coy


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