Byrom's Taxidermy

Our Work Speaks For Itself!


W.L. "Bob" Grisham


Carol's father, W.L Grisham began his taxidermy in 1932. Working from Arlington Heights and then moving and converting the garage on 5512 Meandering Rd. into the old shop, he grew to become one of the few expert taxidermists Ft. Worth had ever known. Most people knew him as "Bob" Grisham. It was through him that I began learning the art of taxidermy.




On January 29th, 1955 I married my beautiful wife Carol.

I began working with Grisham in 1955. Every consecutive year it seemed there was something else to learn. The very first lessons were skinning and fleshing. Skinning was 1st grade work. When a taxidermist learns how to flesh he/she has truly ascended in the art form. After all, the definition of taxidermy is exactly as it reads. Taxi means to move and dermy means skin. From the many taxidermy conventions, to simply working in the shop, it took a lot of time and patience to get to where I am today. I knew then that no matter what I learned, there was always something else to be learned.

What was hard work became habit, what was habit became second nature, what was second nature became passion, and what was passion became an art form. We worked many years together and I shall remember every one of them.

W.L. Grisham will never be forgotten.


Lions Club


Coy and Carol with Ross Prot

Since 1973, Coy Byrom has been a member of the Lions Club. He was the President in 1980.

The Lion's Club was founded in 1907 in Dallas, TX. They are widely known for their organizations and support to programs including but not limited to:

Texas Lions Foundation

Texas Lions Camp

Julien C. Hyer Youth Camp

Red Ribbon Campaign

Drug Awarenes Councils

CISD REACH High School Scholarships

Fort Worth Rodeo and Stock Show Calf Scramble Scholarship Program

Lions Youth Sports Association

Leader Dog Program


In 1980 Coy presented a jackalope to Ebb Grindstaff, a lawyer from Ballinger, TX, for being the speaker of the River Oaks Lion's Club.

Since 1980, Coy has presented a jackalope to every speaker of the River Oaks Lion's Club on River Oaks International Night.